Derivatives Trading

Leverage more from your Investments by Trading in Futures & Options in the Derivatives Market. Under our Derivatives Market, we allow our clients to perform Futures Trading as well as Options Trading for higher growth rates.

Benefits of Derivatives


It helps to safeguard against future price uncertainties


As margins required are comparatively low, it allows higher trading exposure

Market Efficiency

It is considered that derivatives increase the efficiency of financial markets. By using derivative contracts, one can replicate the payoff of the assets.

Longer Position Taking

Longer position taking: It gives a time leverage of up to 3 months as against 1-3 days offered in other margin products

Why Derivatives

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Earn Money without Physical Settlement

Derivatives market allows you to conduct transactions without
actually selling your shares

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Arbitrage Trading

When you buy low in one market
and sell high in the other market,
Get advantage of differences in
prices in the two markets

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Protect Securities

The derivative market offers
products that allow you to hedge
yourself against a fall in the
price of shares that you possess

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Transfer of Risk

The transfer of market risk from
risk-averse investors to those
with an appetite for risk

Types of Derivatives

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Forwards and Futures

finances that obligate the buyers to purchase an asset at a pre-agreed price on a specified future date

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Options provide the buyer of the contracts the right, but not the obligation, to purchase or sell the underlying asset at a predetermined price

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Swaps are derivative contracts that allow the exchange of cash flows between two parties. The most popular types of swaps are interest rate swaps, commodity swaps, and currency swaps.

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A warrant is a derivative instrument which gives the warrant-holder a right to buy the underlying stock at a pre-determined strike price.

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I have been investing with Shreni since a long time. They have provided with the best services

Miloni Doshi

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I must congratulate Shreni Share Ltd and team for providing a wonderful platfom and seamless support for traders like us

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Indeed the most supportive staff. Helped me alot in building my portfolio with their precise attention and help

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Taurus trading app has made trading easier and convenient

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